Isaac 101.

Who I am, the businesses I’ve grown and why you would want to work with me.




Coaching is a two way transaction.

You get the most out of coaching when we work together. And studies find you work better with people you like. So why don’t you read on and see if we would make a good team?

Lesson 1: On being authentic and intentional

I don’t always do as I’m told. Getting married at 21 to a wife of 19 was too young people said. I was told that starting a construction business in 2004 with an uncertain housing market was a silly idea. Why did I start a family young instead of travelling overseas? Why go to church and contribute money and time to causes I believe in when things were tight for our family? 

I believe in working towards creating the kind of future that I want to see, no matter the circumstances. Considering the risk and making wise choices. That’s what leads my decision making. Working with my own business coach I discovered that alongside a passion for family, I care about business and making a difference in this world. 

That’s why I sold my business that was going really well and started all over again as a coach. Coaching people to create the kind of business and life that they desire has turned into my greatest passion.

I love to see people living their best life.

Lesson 2: On building businesses and dreams

At Gallagher’s, I was sitting in an office, working on an electric fence system and happened to watch some builders working on site. They looked like they were having more fun than me, so I had a complete career change. Back to Wintec for a year, went through a building apprenticeship and started up my own construction business.  

Renovating bathrooms was my favorite part of building, so I decided to specialize and Bathroom Transformations was born. We built awesome bathrooms and our customers were really happy, but the business side was average. Clearly, building a business was not the same as building a bathroom.

I’d been to a couple of seminars put on by business coaches. When I heard Brad Sugars speak live in Auckland, I knew it was for me. I enrolled a business coach and began learning how to do business a whole lot smarter. My confidence, income and love for life went up and my stress went down.   

Lesson 3: On growing winners and helping others

Being good at your trade or technical skill is one thing, but once you get good at running your business everything changes. It’s not about following all the steps the coach says. It’s about becoming the person who can do it with confidence. Before coaching I was shy, quiet and afraid to rock the boat. Through my coaching journey, I discovered a confidence and excitement about my business and families future.

The journey made such a difference in my life and business, that it got me thinking about doing the same thing for other people.  I’m still pretty reserved and quiet, but coaching is a great way for me to work with people one on one and in small groups which I love. Seeing the difference this process makes in people’s lives is incredible.

Lesson 4: On finding a good work / life balance

In my spare time, I enjoy running, cycling, going to the gym, playing pool, hanging out with family and friends or getting involved at Church. My wife Jenny is my treasure; a singing teacher and the best wife and mum to our 3 kids.

God plays a major part in my life, the choices I make and the life and values that I live. When you talk to me, it’s going to come out in conversation because it’s part of who I am. He’s one of my closest friends and we have great conversations. I owe much of my success and joy in life to his friendship and guidance.

Business is a reflection of the business owner, so part of every person’s journey is finding out what works for them. One of the most significant parts of the coaching journey is finding out how you and your family want life to look and creating the kind of business that will give you that life style.

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